About Us

Max & Molly is a very small team who pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship. Our pieces are designed in the UK with a passion to create clothing that will be comfortable for play and last for generations. We carefully choose fabrics that are natural and soft for children's skin. With intricate hand embroidery and smocking being a highlight of our collections. 

This year we have branched out to work with a factory in hope we can give you a better shopping experience with no time to wait on production.Choosing the correct factory was very important to us, making sure they work ethically and produce high quality garments.

Our manufacturer in India produce the highest quality garments with a true sense of craftsmanship.


We are constantly looking at ways to be more sustainable. In the UK we donate all off cut fabrics to a local fashion college and working with our factories to use all remaining fabric off cuts for accessories.

Our packaging is all degradable, using only sustainable paper mailers and boxes. Wrapping garments in recycled tissue paper.

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